First time buyer?

We aim to nesure that our clients know what to expect at every step of the way.

Purchasing a property whether as a sole purchaser or with another for the first time can be a daunting and challenging experience.

Financially for many people it means often entering into lengthy commitment with a Bank or other lending institution. The process brings with it many interactions – with auctioneers, mortgage advisors, engineers and on occasion, accountants.

We at Anne M Fitzpatrick & Co want to assist you in navigating through the process and we can assure you from the outset that no question is too trivial. It is important to you that you feel at ease to raise whatever question you need to ask at any step in the process.

We aim to ensure that our clients know what to expect at every step of the way.

Admittedly, even with the best laid plans, there are occasions when a transaction will not go to plan, and if this arises, you can trust us manage these situations in the least stressful manner.

We provide a cost-efficient service and in utilising what is best available technology, contact with us is always a click away.

At our initial meeting we will advise the buyer fully in relation to the contents of the Contract for Sale, the implications of signing this document, the likely expected turnaround up to the date of you taking delivery of the keys to the property, what to expect in dealing with your lending institution and what needs to be put in place to ensure ease of drawdown of loan funds.

Information on how you Bill is broken down between Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees etc at the first step, so that there are no surprises later for you.

Our first-time buyers will avail of a pack setting out all of this information in one so that you the buyer has access to the information in one place. We are sure that it will be a valuable resource.

New business at Anne M Fitzpatrick & Co is always welcome and while our aim is to develop a repeat business, we welcome telephone enquiries which we always endeavour to deal with on a 48 hour time period.